urgh my friend did this to me the other day


things that aren’t annoying

  • weed

things that are annoying

  • weed culture
  • extreme worship of weed
  • romanticizing weed


i always wonder why people need to ask other people on the internet what sort of genitals they have like do u just see a photo of someone and instantly become overwhelmed by a need to know if they have a dingle or a hooha or whatever

does it tear u apart inside not knowing whats in someones pants

do u lay awake at night crying bc u dont know the details of the genitals of someone u will most likely never be engaging in Sexual Activities with

whats ur deal



if you’re rude to me.. why do you expect me to be nice????????



As an ethical statement, I eat only meat.

Plants are the most innocent form of life on this planet.  They don’t fight, they don’t hurt, they don’t pollute or anything of the sort.  Yet we eat them.  Billions of plants, and that’s not an exaggeration, billions of them are uprooted and consumed every week in America alone.

Potatoes, carrots, those are the roots of plants that never raised a finger against us.  Their life’s blood they can’t live without them.  They had no defense against us.  Often, they’re “Harvested” (Read: Slaughtered) and the rest of the plant is simply thrown away to compost, to make fertilizer so that other plants can be raised on the nutrients of their dead elders.  Nuts, berries, fruits: These are the plants genitals.  Their seeds.  Plant abortions, that’s what you’re eating when you eat nuts.  Plant balls and uteruses when you eat fruit. 

Some “Vegetables” aren’t even recognizable to us as plants:

Say hello to mechanically separated spinach. It’s what all fruit and vegetable drinks are made from- Things like V8 and OJ. Also, the processed frozen vegetables in stores are made from it. Basically, the entire tree is smashed and pressed through a sieve—leaves, stalks, roots and all. It comes out looking like this. And if that festival of horrors isn’t enough for you, take a look at the science of health:

Humans are not meant to eat plant matter.  Did you know apples contain cyanide?  We can’t even eat an apple tree, only a tiny part of a tiny part of it.  We have canine teeth, we are carnivores.  If we were meant to eat plants at all our appendixes would be fully functional organs and not the appendectomy fodder they exist as for us.  Studies show that plant diets prove fatal within years.  Ever see an elderly vegetarian?  No, because there aren’t any.  You can’t live past 20 by butchering God’s most vulnerable.  It’s like drinking the blood of a Unicorn, you live a half life ever after.

So I focus on eating the beasts that Science and Religion agree are best for me: Animals that have no life.  Chickens that would only spend their lives in tiny cages, cows that would be naturally crammed into high density feed lots, pigs that would spend life wading through their own feces.  It’s the cruelty of nature that most animals would live miserable lives in factory settings, and it’s the kindness of man alone that can kill them quick and spare them these lives. 

Just look at veal and foie gras: Baby deer and ducks are tied down so as never to have to walk a step.  They’re force fed by the ton so they never have to go hungry or scrounge for food.  And nature’s sense of justice rewards us by making their meat delicious and tender.  How can anyone question the poetry of the circle of life?



whoa! you displayed some creativity there. are u high O_o? people with creative minds usually do a lot of Drug’s

Stephen Fry on Homophobia: This is fucking amazing.


My own view is that most homophobia, if one wants to use that rather crummy word, has almost nothing to do with sex.

“But have you any idea what these people actually do?”

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I wish viagra commercials were as embarrassing as pad/tampon commercials. A bunch of guys coming up to their friend saying “hey buddy, we’re going to get some chicks and get laid, wanna come with” and this guy crosses his legs and puts his hands in his lap and whispers “I can’t” and then they all laugh and give him some pills and then this guy can poledance in a tram or a bus on the way to the beach, that sort of thing, I want to see that.

Fox News and asexuality


If you haven’t already seen it, Fox news released a video in which they tried to discuss asexuality recently, you can watch this here:

I’m from the UK and so I genuinely can’t tell how sincere these presenters are being but I’m going to write under the impression that they are.

The segment gets off to a fantastic start when the presenter’s first guest opens by saying ”Asexuality has been around for a long time, it’s called being a woman every three to five weeks”: an extremely bigoted and unfunny thing to say, especially since male asexuals exist.

She then goes on to claim asexuality doesn’t actually exist and is just a label people have made up to combat a ‘hypersexual society’. 

What she fails to understand is that asexuals have always existed, but it wasn’t until our culture became so saturated in sex that they became visible. As I’ve said before, before the 1950s, you could spend your entire life being asexual and not even know it, because nobody would care about your sex life. But now that sex and kinks have suddenly become dinnertime discussion, and now that everyone is inquiring into eachother’s sexlife, in today’s day and age: asexual people will realise they are different whereas in the past they might have not.

This isn’t a hard thing to grasp.

The next guy then decides asexuals have had enough ‘representation’ because there was an asexual character in a TV show and then presumes that asexuals are all attempting to become part of the ”LGBT”. Nothing new.

The next guy asks what asexuals want when they say they need ‘representation’ and jokes that they must mean a beer advert with no sex advertising. Whilst this would be admirable for other reasons, what they mean by ‘representation in society’ is that being able to live with the security that people actually know asexuality exists and take it into account, so that people don’t harass us over being ‘virgins’ or ‘frigid’ or tell us we must be ‘damaged’.

Not just an unsexual beer advert

The next guy wonders how asexual people are discriminated against, well I’ve already mentioned some ways in which they are exposed to prejudice, another might be the fact asexuality is still seen as a mental disorder called ”Hyposexual Disorder” by many doctors and that having no sex drive is still seen as a sign of a serious mental illness by most medical practices. If an asexual person went to their doctor about a completely unrelated issue and the doctor found out they had no sex drive, they would note that down as a symptom of a possible severe mental illness.

He then asks, why is it important if asexuals are discriminated against if they only make up one percent of the population?

Well what if they do? doesn’t mean they should be denied the same opportunities the rest of society benefits from. Autistic people also only make up less than 1% of the population but that doesn’t mean we should act like autism doesn’t exist.

They then end on the note of ”Asexual people don’t want sex, I don’t trust them”

Overall this interview achieved nothing and was nothing that I hadn’t heard before, except it was broadcasted across an entire nation and as a station with that much publicity: fox news has the responsibility to properly educate themselves on the issues they try to discuss. In this case, they didn’t.

What I want fox news to realise is that asexuality, even though there aren’t as many asexuals as there are sexual people, is still a valid sexual orientation and that when they made these comments on asexuality: when they attacked asexuality, they might as well have been attacking any other sexuality.

Imagine if the guests had said ”Homosexuality is just a rebellion against our heavily heterosexual culture” or ”But there are barely any homosexuals, do we have to recognise them” or ”these people are after sex with their own gender, I don’t trust them”

They would have lost their jobs

yet because they were talking about asexuality, it didn’t matter. 

I’m an adult: life lessons








my parents aren’t teaching me life lessons.

I’m an adult.

Some shit about life, from a bonafide adult:

  • even if you get along great with your family you will get along even better with them after moving out 
  • generic is almost always just as good as name brand. But there are some things you never buy generic, including: peanut butter, ketchup, liquid NyQuil, Chips-Ahoy chewy chocolate chip cookies
  • just imagine the person on the other end of the phone hates talking on the phone as much as you do. Even a receptionist. I worked as one and I hate talking on the phone
  • at least once in your life you will go to Wal-mart to buy something under $20 like an ironing board or something and your debit card will get rejected. No one will judge. Everyone at some point in their lives has had $2.98 in their bank account. 
  • thrift stores
  • everyone else is too busy panicking about everyone else noticing every tiny thing that could possibly be wrong about them to notice any tiny thing that could possibly be wrong about you
  • you will screw up. a lot. you live and you learn. and when you start to think too hard about that embarrassing thing that happened and how you wish you could change it, just tell yourself that what’s done is done. There’s no changing it, so just forget it and move on. It’s the only way to stay sane.
  • do the dishes before the sink grows its own ecosystem
  • you can’t put Dawn dishsoap in the dishwasher. 
  • if you are the only one in the aisle at the grocery store, and you need to get from one end to the other without even looking at anything in that aisle, then you should totally cart-surf down the aisle. Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional. Hold on to the little things. They make all the difference.
  • never try to make cake from scratch at 3am. You end up with a topographical map of Middle Earth.
  • 15% tip. 
  • the best way to get money for food is to tell your grandparents about how you basically live on microwaved mac and cheese. Their horror may result in twenty bucks and orders to go out and get yourself “a real dinner”.
  • sometimes life sucks, and knowing that it might get better doesn’t always make it suck any less, but you’ll never get to the non-sucky days without enduring the suckiness. 
  • no seriously, NEVER put Dawn in your dishwasher

thank you so much.

Reblogging for excellent advice and to support the ‘do not buy generic NyQuil’ thing, because whenever I have it either doesn’t do shit for shit or I go all loopy and limp like an octopus.

I am an adult. All of these are accurate. I will add more later. And I’ve done the Dawn thing. Don’t.

This is an excellent thing.