I just read your reply aND OMG I would love to see Diavolo Doppio and trish in sardinian folk costume

 i sketched doppio in “normal” folk clothes and i was planning to make diavolo wear something like this with some variations and for trish something like this or this 

idk when i’ll have some time i’ll just get down and do all of them

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perchè fai sempre facce incazzate figliolo

O_O_O_O l’unica faccia “incazzata” in un’intera pagina di /tagged/me O_O_O”’ mah

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dont be fooled by the Grownup Beard

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how many children did your parents sacrifice to bless you with those eyebrows

ive inherited the same eyebrows of my father. it was a huge ceremony. im part of a proud lineage that celebrates the coming of age by passing eyebrows from father to son. these eyebrows belonged to my father, the father of my father, and the father of the father of my father, and so on.

NO youre NOT allowed to have an opinion EVERYONE has to comment on it
yea to them its more about writing down the sound of a foreign name or word and not the actual spelling like when u browse fanart they spell a name ANI instead of annie its just their literal translation not a proper one??? its not hard to see????

yes exactly. now imagine if the wiki for that Annie character changed the title of her article to ANI. and everyone just followed blindly

I was talking about this today with regards to “Eren” in SNK, who should be “Aaron”

well but i guess Eren is kind of okay because it.. exists?? like i googled it and it its an ACTUAL NAME but Avdol from jjba is NOT a real name and the fanbase is so prone to defending it like cant you fucking see its stupid. cant anyone think out of the hive mind, why would a canon source make it less stupid than it is when theres no motive under such a change?

i love you with lla my soul. gimme ur ucking accent

i’ll give you my accent if you bring me a new child every week to satisfy my hunger for underage flesh

I feel like tumblr’s using it to mock me for already not liking the new layout cus i couldn’t easily see if I’d liked something

its funny because it looked like they were going for a smooth and modern overall feel but they just blew it all 

I liked this post just to see what you were saying and now i hate you

it really annoys me and i think im unconsciously liking less posts now

il coltello da quale anime viene

Jyakku No Nuteraa

what were your other two names going to be

saverio and angelo like my grampas but since she would have had to chose one over the other because of the law she’d rather have me with just one name that was neither of them